Funding Options

When you are considering assisted living for yourself or a loved one, cost can be one of the most influential factors in the decision-making process. The cost of an assisted living facility will vary based on its location, amenities, services and accommodations. As you begin the process of finding the best care for yourself or a loved one you may want to know what programs or resources may be available to you.

Each person’s situation is unique to them so we do not offer standardized advice. There are, however, additional resources that may help you in this decision. Each of our professional community administrators can answer specific questions you may have.


While Medicare does not cover the costs of assisted living facilities or long-term care facilities it can, however, cover qualified healthcare costs while you or your loved one is living at a certain facility. Medicare is more often used to pay for a skilled nursing facility or home health care. There are always exceptional circumstances that will allow Medicare to cover different types of care, but in most cases Medicare won’t cover the costs of “custodial care.” Learn more here.

Benefits for Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) pays for long-term care services for service-related disabilities and for certain other eligible veterans. Other health programs such as nursing home care and at-home care for aging veterans with long-term care needs are also available. Learn more here.

Private Pay

You may work directly with our community directors to learn more about monthly costs and expenses for long-term care, and how you may fund that privately. Contact our community directors to learn more.

Major Insurance

Insurance coverage varies from community to community. We encourage you to speak directly with our community directors to learn more about the insurance coverage accepted at that community. Contact our community directors to learn more.

ODA Certified

We are certified by ODA to provide service under the assisted living program and are accepting individuals who are enrolling in the assisted living program.

More Information

To learn more about your options, please contact any of our communities. We are here to help you navigate this very important journey.